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Afternoon Raag

Described as a ‘felicitous prose poem’, Afternoon Raag is the account of a young Bengali man who is studying at Oxford University and caught in complicated love triangle. His loneliness and melancholy sharpen his memories of home, which come back to haunt him in vivid, sensory detail. Intensely moving, superbly written, Afternoon Raag is a perfect miniature of a novel about arrivals and departures, new worlds and old homes.

Book Reviews:

“This immensely subtle novel both estranges and gently strokes the surface of English and Indian life. I know of nothing in English fiction that begins to resemble it” Tom Paulin

“Those who are always acclaiming the “poetic prose” of Ondaatje would do well to study Chaudhuri’s language” James Wood

• “Enchanting, studded with moments of beauty more arresting than anything to be found in a hundred busier and more excitable narratives . . . Nothing is too small or boring for him: he defamiliarises the everyday, reinvigorates the ordinary, and makes the humdrum seem exciting” Jonathan Coe, London Review of Books

• “Nothing at all seems to happen, in the most beautifully modulated way” Anne Enright, in her choice of her top 10 short novels, Guardian

• “Like Van Gogh, he can invest the bed and chairs of an exile’s room . . . with a radiant life of their own . . . He’s a sublime impressionist” Boyd Tonkin, New Statesman and Society

• “The sort of unclassifiable prose work or “text” produced by poets. Chaudhuri’s idea of the novel as a collection of poetic musings is also displayed in his sensitivity to minute detail and his ability to transform the quotidian and the seemingly insignificant into the matter of intense reflection . . .” Times Literary Supplement

• “[A] masterpiece” Hilary Mantel

• “One of the most talented and versatile writers of his generation” Village Voice