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Odysseus Abroad

He saw his uncle once or twice a week. They got on each other’s nerves, but had grown fond of the frisson. He was Ananda’s sole friend in London—and Ananda his. ‘Friend’ was right; because his uncle was capable of being neither uncle, nor father, nor brother. Ananda’s uncle, Rangamama, is an eccentric bachelor who has taken early retirement and lives off his pension in a squalid bedsit in Belsize Park. His habits are angular—he rarely bathes, and devours paranormal stories—and his personality combative. Ananda, by contrast, is fragile, nervous and romantic. Uncle and nephew circle around their past, walk the streets of London and find in each other, an unspoken solace. A retelling of the story of Odysseus and Telemachus, Odysseus Abroad is a novel about a young man and an old man, about friendship, loneliness and love. Written in a voice at once tender and ribald, wry and unsentimental, this is Amit Chaudhuri’s most extraordinary novel yet.

Advance Praise:

“A master of form and language, Chaudhuri’s fiction has always defied easy categorization. In this stunningly engaging novel, Naipaul meets Amis? Yes. Joyce visits Thatcher’s England? Yes. But so much more. Wittingly inventive, deeply moving, it’s his finest work to date” Caryl Phillips

“The stunning, Proustian prose that we have come to expect of Amit Chaudhuri is here in abundance, newly enhanced with surreal comedy and wry, self-mocking, often hilarious sex. It’s the best book I’ve ever read about the immigrant experience, indeed the colonial experience—and his wittiest and most profound book to date.” Wendy Doniger

“A wonderful novel which has everything in it—pathos, humour, lyricism and style—by one of the most remarkable novelists writing today.” Nadeem Aslam

“A superb book, one of Chaudhuri’s very best – full of wit, charm and humanity, and so delicately and intricately written.” Ian Jack

“Witty, intimate, and modern, Chaudhuri’s insight into the loneliness and excitement of our search for elsewhere had me under its spell. An unforgettable walk through London and other worlds by one of our most entertaining and artful writers.” Deborah Levy

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